Diaries of A Foot Fetish Model

I came into being a Foot Fetish Model the way most of us find the bridge when we suddenly hit a sea we weren’t expecting…quite by accident.

The sea that I had stumbled upon was one of insurmountable medical debt. Surviving a nearly terminal disease had left me with not only a whole new way in which I had to live life…the side-effects of treatments and surgeries, copious medications, procedures, check-ups, mood changes, skin changes, whoopty whoop, but also a freshly broke starting place to live it from. Broke is a word I use with a wide brush…I was broke more than just financially. Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. In almost every way that I can imagine or describe, I was broke.

And I was floundering. And lost. And basically just doing whatever.

And one of the whatevers that I was doing was photography on porn sets. Having friends who work in the industry, it was something that came to me. Which was good, because I wasn’t really pursuing anything then. I was shook, scared to live again, definitely scared to pursue.

And then, my feet kept being a topic of conversation. How ‘perfect’ they are. How I should work for Steve. How I should be a Foot Fetish Model.

Now, having dated someone who was into feet, I had heard that I had great feet before…but, when someone that you are having The Sex with tells you that you have good something, you kind of take it with a grain of salt. Or, at least, I do. I assume that, of course they are going to tell me that mine are great…I’m letting them play with mine. No matter what body part it is, that’s my assumption. No one in their right mind is going to tell the person who is letting them touch them that they have less than desirable physical traits…then the touching might stop!

So, anyway, it kept being about my feet. And so, I went to see Steve. And my feet were judged by the expert to be beautiful and perfect. And I worked my first Foot Fetish party.

And my life was changed forever. Not necessarily revolutionary…becoming a Foot Fetish Model, but life altering nonetheless. Throughout my life, I have been a lot of things. Often times, many things at the same time or many things with a focus on one thing for a period of time…and then, gradually, I became, more than anything else, a Foot Fetish Model.

This is my diary.


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